What is the Startup ATL CEO pledge?

It’s a commitment by Atlanta-based CEOs to support the local startup ecosystem.

CEOs who take the pledge promise that their companies will evaluate at least one new product or service from an Atlanta based startup in the next 90 days, and at least one of their senior executives will seek to join a board of advisors of a local startup within the next 12 months.

Why a pledge?

One of the core strengths of the Atlanta region is the strong companies that call our region home. We’re asking these corporate leaders to take some simple actions that will have a real impact.

By getting involved in the startup ecosystem they’ll be able to help ensure the next wave of innovation happens in the region that they call home.

Who can pledge?

CEOs and Presidents of Atlanta-based companies.

Why make it public?

We want to rally the community and create a sense of public pride.

What is the definition of a startup?

A startup is an organization in search for a repeatable and scalable business model.